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Monday, April 23, 2007

The "I Heart You" Giveaway!

Okay, here we go! This contest will be open until midnight tonight on the East Coast, and the details are as follows:

The Prize:

Author: Aurora Black
Title: I Heart You
Publisher: Phaze
Genre: Contemporary Suspense
Release Date: May 28, 2007
ISBN: 1-59426-916-5


Rachel Malone has it all: beauty, brains and talent. She has brought the world of erotic romance to its knees, but something crucial is missing from her life: a man to play power games with. One night at a routine book signing, she finds the spice she needs in the form of Lucian Drake. Sinfully handsome and more erotic than any hero she's ever written, he is the perfect man to help her live out her wildest fantasies.

When a copy of Rachel's latest steamy offering finds its way into his hands, Lucian Drake can't rest until he meets the woman behind the sensual words. He longs to experience her passion and lose himself in the enigmatic depths of her eyes. As their torrid affair deepens into love, danger lurks in the shadows as someone tries to tear them apart... literally.

The "I Heart You" Challenge: Guess the year I was born.

Notice that I didn't ask you guys to guess my age, because I know that's way too easy to find on the Internet if you know where to look. But guessing the actual *year* I was born is harder to pinpoint. Like I said before, I'll be giving clues over the course of the day to keep you on your toes. This is going to be so much fun!


Send your e-mail entries to aurora.supernova (AT) yahoo (DOT) com. Only ONE guess per person, please. The 5 winners will be selected after the contest has closed, and announced in the Phaze blog, the Phaze Chatters list and my own blog.

Coming up next: Funny birthday experiences! Yours, I mean. See you in a bit.

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