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Monday, April 02, 2007

New releases - 04/01/2007

Monique Lamont's Healing Hearts

Yasmine Sousa, a dietitian and co-owner of Healthy Fit. Finally out of a bad marriage she has sworn never to trust her heart again. Struggling to fill her empty life, Yasmine desires to adopt a set of twins from an orphanage, but with her single life the possibility of her dream becoming a reality is fading fast. Until she meets Jason Richardson, an overworked business executive who has a heart attack. Sparks fly at their first meeting and neither care to see each other again. Then Jason finds out he's up for the position of vice president, but his boss has concerns about his health and tells him if he wants the job, he needs to get a life.

After repeated accidental meetings, with Jason's career on the line and Yasmine's maternal future hangs in the air, Jason convinces her they should marry. Reluctant, Yasmine finally agrees but in name only. Soon neither of them are able to fight the sensual pull between them. It's one thing to give their bodies, but will either of them believe in what they could have permanently to allow their hearts to be healed?

"I absolutely loved this book! Monique Lamont does a wonderful job bringing these characters to life." 4 Blue Ribbons from Romance Junkies

N's "Coquette"

How far would a mother go to protect her daughter? Would she submit? Would she seduce? Would she play the coquette?

Or would she murder?

When Sally Smith learns that her daughter has fallen under the dissolute charms of Russian mafia boss, Viktor Lazarev, these are the questions she must face. Especially as Lazarev is demanding Sally surrender to him as his price for protecting her daughter.

‘Coquette’: a story of sex, submission...and swimming.

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