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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Back from RT...

Ok so we have been for a while but i have been recouping and hanging out with my sister. Shes home now, and that rocks, but im sad that i wont get to see her till next year.

RT was awesome! We got some amazing pictures, and went wild and actually sold books at the book fair! So thanks to everyone who bought it, you totally made the trip to RT worth it! We also give out a LOT of goodies and promo, and I'm happy to say it wasn't a wasted trip.

Next year is going to be truly insane as ill be there as a publisher, review house, cover artist and author, and im excited to say we will have 8 books in print bu then, a whole lot of goodies and promo stuff for all that pulp!

And I'm SO excited cuz ill be rooming with my sister and Rene and another crazy lunatic... fun times! So lets see, RT 2007 highlights?
  • my sister licking R. Casteel's face... and the guy licked her back.
  • Jacki Frank giving Audra a Woobie....
  • Neil (my brother in law) mooning the bar in his kilt
  • the cops called on us for being too loud
  • Joe (my hunny) faling alseep drunk in Club RT amidsts 40 screaming women
  • actually selling at the signing
  • some guy trying to get me and audra to makeout (EWWWW shes my sister!). We told him "this isn't a Stephen King novel!"
  • Neil in his kilt... the ladies loved it
  • audra's skirt being nearly flushed down the toilet
  • the Robin Schone Champagne and Strawberries Soriee (Robin, Kat, thanks for the laughs)
  • Club RT. Straight up, Club RT.
  • i got my ass checked out, twice. Woo hoo!
  • the salad place in the subterranean tunnels of Houston. because of them, I actually ate.
  • i lost 5 lbs from running around like a chicken without a head... can i get a woot? Im back to 115!
So thats what i can remember. Lord knows it will all come back to me one day,. though thankfully i wasnt in a drunken haze while there. I left that to audra, Neil and Joe. LOL. So ill be posting about again with some goodies... So stay tuned!