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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

EXCERPT: Dominion (Kinda NWS)

This is a snippet from Dominion, sequel to The Power of Two. Enjoy!


It did make it so much easier when the donor was more than eager to get up close and personal. Grif held Dominic's steady gaze for a moment before he leaned in towards his overeager victim. A gentle brush of Grif's hand pulled back the long strands of hair as his head descended towards the man as if to whisper to him. Clouding the man's mind, Grif struck quickly, drawing the nourishing, hot blood from him. When Grif finished, he healed the marks. It took no more than a simple mental nudge and the blonde chuckled and looked over at the red head that had so interested Dominic. Without a word, he moved further down the bar to stand beside the other man.

“Playing matchmaker again?” Dominic teased as he walked up, sliding an arm around Grif's waist.

“It's an interesting occupation, Dominic,” Grif answered with a grin. Turning his back to the bar, he sidled up onto a stool. His legs caught at Dominic, drawing him close. “What do you think? There is a certain something about them together. It'd be a kick to watch them.”

“Mm,” Dominic hummed against Grif's neck. “It would be, wouldn't it?” Moving lower, he exhaled on Grif's shirt, just over his nipple. “Or we can go home and you can ride me.”

Resting a hand against Dominic's ass, Grif’s fingers kneaded into the tight leather. “Believe me, I wasn't talking about watching them now.” He tilted Dominic’s head up and pressed a soft kiss to his lover’s lips.

“Good. Take me home and I’ll fuck you through the mattress.” Dominic stepped back and helped Grif back down, taking hold of his hand to lead the way out of the club.

Positively grinning like the cat that got all the cream, Grif let Dominic lead him. As he looked towards the door, he saw a face that sent a chill rushing through him, and his mind blanked. When he blinked, nobody was there. He couldn't have seen what he thought he did. Blinking rapidly in confusion, he swiftly scanned the bar as he before hurrying to catch up with Dominic.

“Griffith? You all right?”

Nothing and nobody seemed out of place in the bar. There was no way in hell he could have seen his former Master. Looking back at Dominic, he nodded slightly. “Yeah, I'm fine.” Tugging at Dominic's hand, Grif pulled his lover quickly out of the bar.


Shari said...

Oo.. loving it. Looking forward to this sequel. *does fangirl squee* :)


Lisa said...

Hi Myc. *waves excitedly* It's been a busy day. This sounds yummy.

Lisa D

Mychael Black said...

Thanks, you two! :D Yep, I'm excited about getting Dominion and Kitten 2 out. :D