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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

EXCERPT: Kitten 2 (WS)

This is one of my personal favorite scenes from Kitten 2, the upcoming sequel to our best-selling Kitten.


In full form, Shaun lazed in the backyard near the pond Ashley had built. Though his master had stocked it with fish, Shaun had a very hard time trying not to get the golden fish as they swam by the paw he dangled in the water.

Knowing he would probably get in trouble if Ashley came home from work and found him with wet paws, Shaun backed up slowly, trying to ignore the lure of the flashes dancing beneath the surface. Sometimes he became antsy within the confines of the house and spent time prowling and pacing the back yard. The large, surrounding fence insured their privacy from the homes behind theirs. Instead of ignoring the fish as he should, their mesmerizing darts across the pond had Shaun fixated on them.

"I counted those fish when I put them in, Kitten."

Shaun's whiskers twitched in reaction to his master’s voice. Ashley had named every blasted one of them as well. A fact Shaun couldn't figure out at all. Why give your food names? Settling back on his haunches, he chuffed his disagreement to his master.

One corner of Ashley's mouth twitched slightly. He stepped off the back porch and walked over to the pond. After making a show of counting each and every of the twenty-two fish, he reached out to scratch Shaun's head.

Lifting his paw, Shaun lazily licked the incriminating wetness away, giving his master a bland, harmless 'I'm not guilty of anything' look. A quick dart of his eyes back at the pond had the cat plotting each of those twenty-two fishes' demises.


Shari said...

Hey Myc! Awesome. Kitten 2.

I love the Kitten. :)

Mychael Black said...

Hey, hun! :D Thanks!

Shari said...

You're welcome. I really do love Kitten. It's a different twist on the whole shapeshifer thing.

BTW, I sent you an email not too long ago. *bounces*

Mychael Black said...

Thank you. :)

And YES! Congrats, hun!