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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

EXCERPT: Kitten (WS)

This is from our futuristic romance, Kitten.


Closing his eyes, the massaging of Ashley's fingers served to relax Shaun very nicely. The tiniest
flicker of sound eased from his throat, barely perceptible but there. Small tilts of his head guided Ashley's hands as his own fingers kneaded slightly to the porcelain tub's rim.

Ashley picked up a nearby cup and filled it with water. He slipped his hand beneath Shaun's chin to tilt his head back gently. "Shh," he murmured, smiling. "I'm only rinsing."

A touch of nervousness had returned with the feel of Ashley's hand, but Shaun relaxed, letting
Ashley rinse out the shampoo. It was a strange thing for this man to want to do this. Blinking up at Ashley, he saw the smile but didn't return the gesture.

When he finished rinsing the shampoo out, Ashley set the cup down and moved away. "Thank you," he said as he sat on the floor, leaning against the wall. "I haven't done that in…" He closed his eyes as his words trailed off. "For some time," he finished quietly.

"It means something to you?" Shaun was not at all certain what to make of Ashley. Slowly standing, water ran down his body in little rivers, dripping back to the tub. Lifting his hands, he pulled back his hair to wring out the water.

"More than I should probably dwell on," Ashley said. "I used to do it for my lover. He was a were as well, although I loathed the thought of calling him my 'pet.' I'd forgotten how relaxing such simple acts could be. Thank you for allowing me that small pleasure."

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