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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

EXCERPT: The Power of Two (WS)

This is from our vampire BDSM novella, The Power of Two.


When they entered the library, Grif turned to face him. For a moment, he was unable
to hide the need he felt for Dominic, but it'd been a long time since it'd shown itself. The
pain and hurt inside him lingered and wouldn't go away. Veiling it behind a blink of his
eyes, he nodded. "Maybe you should make inroads into that bottle of brandy to get you
started." Smiling, he turned away to settle back on the couch.

Dominic smiled and went over to the wet bar. He picked up the bottle and began
drinking the brandy straight out of it. He sat down on the couch across from Grif, twisting
so he could face him. He tipped the bottle up again, swallowing large amounts in rapid
succession. When he finally set the bottle down, it was empty. "Thank God we don't have
to worry about alcohol poisoning," he said.

Grif half sprawled against the cushions and watched. None of this surprised him.
The other vampire had been there for him every time, and now was no different. Even
though Dominic might not understand what he gave to Grif, Grif sure as hell knew. A
quiet, grateful look held Dominic for a long moment. "I can always share afterwards. If
you need a good binge."

Dominic crooked his finger, beckoning Grif to him. His head tipped to the side,
baring his throat in invitation. "Drink, love. It will help." His smile was warm as he
added, "And I just might take you up on that."

As his gaze lowered to the line of Dominic's neck, a surge of hunger rolled through
Grif. He moved from his position, folding his legs under him to crawl across the couch.
Once he was close enough, his head immediately nudged against Dominic's throat before
his fangs dropped to pierce the skin.

A gasp escaped Dominic and his hand slid through Grif's hair to hold him. I am
always here, love. Whenever you need me, even if it is only to do this.

Grif's mouth caught the first spurt of the heavily-flavored blood, then tightened to
take more after he swallowed. I need you again, my friend. I'm so sorry.


Nicole said...

FINALLY...*runs and tackles Mychael*

The Power of Two is on of my favs :)

Mychael Black said...

:D Hi, love!!!!!!