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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Phaz new releases - 05/20/2007

The exciting sequel to the best-selling Morningstar!

Generations after the great disaster, in a world where homosexuality was outlawed to ensure the human race survived and vampires hunted those left alive, theirs was a dangerous association. Scott was a century-old vampire and Daniel a vampire hunter.
When Scott was faced with Daniel's imminent death, he did the only thing he could do. He turned him into a vampire. But Daniel wasn't just an ordinary human. As on of the most infamous vampire hunters, Daniel had dedicated his life to wiping the predators out. Now he has to find meaning in a life where he, too, is one of the living dead.

Can Daniel forgive Scott and find a way to protect the human race even as he, himself, is destined to drink their blood?

Carrie Reed, a highly respected genetic veterinary specialist, has it all: a successful practice, fame in her chosen field, money and a body that most women would give their eye teeth for. She's also got no male prospects in sight and a mother that loves to remind Carrie that her biological clock isn't only ticking--it's groaning. So when Jake Canyon phones he commands her attention. His voice is sexy, his tone is hot and he insists there is a new species of animal roaming around on his River View Canyon Ranch. Would she come and identify it for him?

The idea leaves Carrie gasping for air. After all, it is every geneticist's dream to find a unique species. She's got a few weeks' vacation looming and all she's got planned for it is cleaning the garage. So why not? When Jake mentions his ranch is in Alaska Carrie's heart skips another beat. It sounds like a wonderful change from Maine and although her mother insists there are no men to be found in the Alaskan wilderness Carrie decides to go to Jake's ranch. What has she got to lose? She just may find a new animal on her trip. And even if there is no new species, she figures just seeing the man that belongs to the hotter-than-fire voice will be worth the journey.

Jared and Megan have been married for some time. Finally, he finds the courage and confesses to her that he'd like to be spanked, and from there, the play gets pretty wild. A little spanking at home works wonders for them both. But it's not enough, at least not for long. Soon, Jared asks for more: a little public spanking, some exhibitionism please, a little humiliation, please. A not too crowded bar sets the scene, and from there, the couple go crazy.

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