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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Phaze new releases - 05/06/2007

A Phaze Fury Release

Derek was stuck in a rut. His wonderful boyfriend, Jeremy, was too wonderful. He catered to Derek's every whim, but when it came to passion, Derek craved a lover that wasn't quite so gentle and understanding.

Angry and frustrated, he sought revenge. He was lured into the anonymous world of online hook-ups by a friend. He found a man who called out to his naughty, raunchy inner slut. But Jeremy might not be the only one surprised to find out about Derek's 'casual encounter'.

A Phaze Fury release

What is the best way to get revenge on an ex-boss? Woo the boss' sexy daughter. (F/F content)

A Phaze Fury HeatSheet

Laura craves revenge. After Jacks betrayal with a bitchy blonde she can think of nothing but avenging her broken heart. In the drive for closure she moves from one night stand to one night stand fueling the pain not quelling it as her conflicting emotions for Jack still run riot within her.
Relucantly attending a party she finds herself seduced by a sexy stranger but as they move to the bedroom, Jack enters...

Will a foursome bring the closure she needs? Is Jack the only one who can fix the heart he broke? or is this all just another act in this erotic masquerade?

A Phaze Fury release!

Janice and Jason Callahan were a happy couple until her father died and she became boss. Then old fears and new pressures put a strain on their marriage.

When Janice learns about Jason’s mistress she devises a plan calculated to make him pay for deceiving her.

But Sherry is more than she expected. Now all bets are off!

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