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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Phaze new releases - 05/13/2007

Four tales of erotic passion from five Phaze favorites!

Mixed Blessings by Will Belegon

Lady Luck by Stella and Audra Price

Rebirth, by Petula Caesar: It’s not a bad marriage, but it has become a bit tedious. That is until a package from Japan arrives at their door. The contents and the story behind them bring back memories of the couple’s college days when Koko and her husband studied Japan’s culture, religion and language together. They are reminded of some of their dating rituals and sex games they once played, centered around the things they were learning about Japan. Will reclaiming some of the past rejuvenate the present? Can a sensual trip down memory lane revive a relationship that has been a little too boring a little too long?

Love's Fortune by Sarah Dickson: Anton’s father’s dying wish is to see his son find a woman and settle down. However, Anton has a problem with the idea. He doesn’t trust women, period. Why? He is about to find out when he meets Relationship’s Counselor, Adriana. Adriana, an immortal, has experienced life’s highs and lows for two thousand years. All she wants is to find a man who could persuade her to become mortal. So far she’s had no such luck, mainly as she keeps choosing the wrong kind of guy. With such a mismatched pair, how can a man’s dying wish possibly be fulfilled?

FDR's secretary, Miss Della Davis, is kidnapped by the Secret Service. Will she spill sensitive government information to the sexy Agent Jones, or resist his delicious interrogation methods?

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