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Monday, May 28, 2007

Recent Praise for "I Heart You"!

Check out what people have been saying about I Heart You...

... Now, Black's 'I Heart You', was dark, full of threats at every turn, and the heroine is at the center of it all. The reader isn't sure who to trust in the tale because they are there with her, terrified of footsteps, simple visits and every person she meets. There is a light, and like Rachel, they'll gravitate to him, want to hold him close, and be held by him in return, but is he true? After every good moment, Black reminds everyone of that darkness seeping ever closer to the center. A wonderful mix of love and evil.

~ Tilly Greene, Erotica Author

This is a steamy tale of desire and love... The author makes it feel as though all relationships should be this easy... Wonderfully uninhibited... Brilliantly written... I HEART YOU is a superb story of misplaced obsession and lust at first sight.

~ Mandie, Reviewer at Love Romances (Rating: 4 Hearts)

I Heart You is an Excellent book! I read it 2 nights ago and loved it! It kept me on the edge of my seat to see what would happen next. And, wow, the hot love scenes were scorching!! Loved the studio scene...whew!!

~ Robin S., Reviewer for Romance Junkies & My Book Cravings

If you like spice in your romances, this is the story for you. While the romance was sweet, the lovin' was hot and spicy...

~ Heather Riley, Reviewer for Romance Junkies (Rating: 4.5)

I Heart You is available now at Phaze!

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