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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Scorpio Tattoo is #8 in sales! Whoo Hooo!

Scorpio Tattoo
By Jude Mason
Contents: paranormal, erotica, m/f/m
Rating: 3 Novas

Available at Phaze now

As you all know, Phaze is my main publisher, right? Well, Phaze sells through Fictionwise too. I don't get nearly as much per book sold there as I do when it's sold through Phaze, but it's a big old store and they sell a lot of books. I don't usually check very often, but since Scorpio went live I admit I've checked every few days. It started out in number 37 position in the Phaze store at Fictionwise and I was kind of down. #37 isn't great. I checked a few days later and it had risen to #20 something, and I figured that was going to be it. Well, hot damn, I checked this morning and.... drum roll please... It's moved into #8 position. Whoo Hooo! Yup, I'm thrilled. #8 isn't #1, but it's definitely up there and I'm really happy. I just had to share. I can't stop smiling. *G*


A tattoo is one of the most personal art forms that can adorn the flesh of a human. What happens when women are kidnapped and tattooed? What happens when those women die? And, what happens when the tattooist isn't alive? Jonathan Rorke searches for the answer these questions and others when his psychic talents lead him to the latest victim. Jessica Crane, latest victim, and the only one who's still alive. Why? Together, Jonathan and Jess have to find out who and why she's being tattooed, before her tattoo is finished and she becomes casualty number three.

TwoLips Reviews
Rating 5 lips

Frost had this in part to say:

Scorpio Tattoo is a fascinating story of the same high quality this reviewer has come to anticipate from Jude Mason. I was catapulted right into the story, and found it easy to identify with both the hero Jonathan and heroine Jessica. Even the secondary characters such as Ken, a homicide detective, are well delineated. The plot is highly intriguing and the paranormal elements are woven into it in such a way as to be extraordinarily believable.

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