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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Two New Reviews for "I Heart You"!

So far my little pride and joy's off to a good start... two new reviews!

4.5 Blue Ribbons from Romance Junkies!

"I HEART YOU is a suspenseful and hot little read. This is the first title I've read from Aurora Black, but she's definitely intrigued me. Rachel and Lucien were absolutely meant to be. They came together at just the right time, right when they most needed the support of the other. The love between them was apparent from the beginning.

If you like spice in your romances, this is the story for you. While the romance was sweet, the lovin' was hot and spicy. There was a wonderful element of suspense to the story as well. There was just enough to keep you wondering. I can't wait to see what else Aurora Black comes up with."

~ Reviewed by Heather, and will be available on the Romance Junkies site soon.

4 Roses from My Book Cravings!

"This book was hot and the passion between these two was great. The thoughts she wrote about passion... well, it is just too hot to speak about. I look forward to more by this author for I can't wait to see what else she has out there."

~ Reviewed by Nicole. Full Review Available Here

Want to see what everybody's talking about? Read on...


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