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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The FORCE is starting...

The FORCE line-up is starting to be released. I have been excited about this series since its inception - sexy cops and military heroes? Bring it on!

First up is Portia Da Costa's Eyes Of Desire.

Love at first sight? When Megan takes a summer holiday at a country cottage in order to recover from an eye operation, she doesn't expect to encounter a strong, protective stranger in her garden. Even though she can't see him properly, she can still tell that Guy is powerful, charismatic and sexy. Instinctively and instantly attracted to him, can she trust her new friend to bestow some sweet hands-on sensual healing?

The sensual descriptions in this story will show you why she has earned so many fans with her novels from Ellora's Cave & Black Lace.

Kate Burns Into The Heat is up next. And really...what could be hotter than smoke jumpers and unequited lust?

Being a firejumper is hot enough, but when Delia finds herself assigned to a remote cabin for two weeks with fellow firejumper Cooper Tallman, things begin to really heat up. She and Coop take care of all their assignments at the post while doing their best to ignore the growing attraction between them. They manage to keep their internal fires at bay until one afternoon when circumstances throw them into such close contact they can't ignore their smoldering bodies. When duty calls they, of course, answer. But the forest around the couple is not the only thing ablaze and they begin to realize they cannot ignore their feelings for much longer--or can they? After all, in a wildfire anything can happen. There are no guarantees, and not every flame can be extinguished.

Cara North's Fraternization rounds out the titles out now. Realistic characters with flaws and quirks that grow on the reader, and each other make this story work.

Some rules were made to be broken. When a Gunnery Sergeant fools around with a Captain it can put both of their careers at stake. Gunnery Sergeant Scarlett King took a risk, took a break, took a lumberjack to bed, or so she thought. Captain Ezekiel Major needed an escape, found it in a stranger, then found out they had broken a very strict code of conduct. It's so wrong, but feels so right!

Every week brings new FORCE titles...collect all 12!

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