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Monday, June 04, 2007

New releases - 06/04/2007

Collared Hearts gives us Anthony the artist and Josh, the hyper-macho gallery owner. A Valentine gift leads them into places, sexually and personally, that neither expected.

When Daro, the grandson of a fisherman, encounters a strange, seductive creature from the sea, he can only wonder. And when the sentient hrill turns out to be a beautiful young man in disguise, Daro knows his life will never be the same again.

Leigh Ellwood's "The Healing"

Revised and expanded!

Vampire Julian Van Wyck has enjoyed a successful incarnation as a modern-day musician, but his joys are overshadowed by his mortal wife's death. Having buried his wife, he is ready to join her. Only the loving intervention of his music partner, Dan Wilkinson, keeps him alive. Yet, it's not enough to keep Julian around in this time.

The vampire decides a long sleep will help him forget his pain. Perhaps living in the future, removed from his wife's death, will allow him to continue living. Unfortunately, this decision does more harm than good. Can Julian undo this mistake and find happiness again?

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