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Friday, September 21, 2007

Author Musings on a Friday

Today is a day I’m messing with general writerly issues. These are the things they never tell you about when you’re aspiring as an author.

Things like, gee silly author, I don’t know that we can fit the entire title of your book on the cover. Twice the Cowboy and Twice the Ride will be bundled in one print volume on October 22. The title is Twice the Cowboy, Twice the Ride (I know, I’m imaginative). We have to pick an image that goes with the theme. In this case it’s the cover for Ride with a dark background. The fonts have to match from the series. And I’ve got a blasted long title giving Alessia fits. Then what do we put on the back? How much of a blurb? Review quotes? Which ones? Can we fit what we like?

Which is more cost effective? A convention that is mostly industry folks that will take up $900.00 of budget and is fairly close by… or the one that will cost around $1,500.00, on the other side of the country but you may get to sit on a panel and meet far more readers. Meeting many people you “know” but have never met vs. meeting many new faces and exposure? Three days away from the day job vs. four days and two five hour flights w/attendant Jet Lag? A signing in a real bookstore vs. a signing at a convention where the indie pubs are separated away from the big fish? My head is spinning from the choices.

Where to fit the time to write the next book, promote the hell out of the books already out there, spend time with SG and the Spawn, and actually show up and earn a paycheck at the day job? Okay, I don’t actually get a “paycheck” per say at the day job, but my clients might be mightily pissed if I don’t show up to represent them at the Mandatory Settlement Conference. And, while I don’t answer to anyone as to my time and how I spend it, there are things that Have To Get Done or my contingency fee goes out the window. Writing, right now, doesn’t pay the bills. I’m lucky if I bread even at the end of the year (see above paragraph). The two Yard Apes in my life need me around. Sleep has to fit in there somewhere as well. I need 20 more hours in the day.

I’ve also got to pick up the stuff to make a tablecloth and banner for two events: The West Hollywood Bookfair (next weeked in West Hollywood) and YaoiCon (end of October in San Francisco). Where the heck to store the books and promo items people sent me for these events until they happen? SG gets a little irritated when he can’t get into the hall closet ‘cause all my “author crap” is taking up space.

Then there’s promo items in general. What’s more effective for the cost? Should I do the Vista Print order NOW, or wait and see if the specials get better?

What I really need, I think, is three or four clones. Getting it all done is insane making. And I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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