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Friday, September 21, 2007

Canyon's Call is calling you!

It's the weekend, and I know some of you will be thinking about settling in with a good book. May I suggest CANYON'S CALL?

CANYON'S CALL is about a smart, sexy couple whose mutual attraction is hot enough to melt the Alaskan tundra. Jake and Carrie are in search of an elusive wild animal, a quest that takes them deep into the heart of Jake's huge ranch. Cowboys, love beneath the stars and adventure make CANYON'S CALL a story with something to please everyone. Care to take a peek? I'm going to post an excerpt here. I hope you check it out!

And have a great weekend!

-Kate Burns

CANYON'S CALL excerpt:

"Just exactly who are you?" Carrie held the tiny silver cell phone
with her shoulder while she shone her penlight into the clear blue eyes of
an unspotted Dalmatian puppy. As she smiled, nodding to the anxious
owner, she flicked off the light and stowed it in the breast pocket of her
white coat. Then she pulled the phone out of the tangle of brown curls
which held it so snugly she couldn't understand a word of what was
being said.

Heading toward her office, she summoned her best professional
voice and interrupted the tirade she could hear now that the phone was
properly positioned against her ear.

"Excuse me. Who did you say you are?"

"Good God, woman, haven't you been listening to a word I've been
saying? I'm Jake Canyon of the River View Canyon Ranch. Maybe I
should have called someone else—but hell, you're the one that everyone
recommended so I called you. So, what do you say? Do you think you
can come out and have a look?"

The voice that came from the phone was deep and full and Carrie's
nipples tightened as she listened to him. She smiled, recognizing the
familiar—although not frequent—touch of heat that spread through her
body as she shrugged out of her lab coat and sat in her wide leather chair.
Her desk was uncluttered, with only a few random papers on its polished
surface. By day's end those, too, would be filed away. She reached for
the closest one and inspected it. She felt her nipples were hard points,
very obvious to as they rubbed against her tight pink T-shirt.

Tossing the paper down, she tilted the chair back and put her feet,
ankles crossed, on the edge of the desk. As she arched her back a second
wave of warmth spread through her.

Jake Canyon? Who are you, what do you want and more
importantly, why do I feel so horny listening to you? Hell, I was having a
perfectly ordinary kind of day before you called. I was looking forward
to getting a few weeks of rest before the busy summer season begins.
What the hell do you want?

"Have a look? What exactly do you want me to look at, Mr.


"Jake, then. I'm sorry, but I missed the first part of our
conversation—I had a last patient I was attending. I'll be out of the office
for a couple of months so I'm trying to finish up here." Carrie absently
twirled a curl around her fingertip, a childhood habit that she had never
lost. "My receptionist is already gone, so I'm on my own here. Would
you mind repeating what you said?"

A long, low sound that was almost a growl came from the phone. It
was no secret that the caller was struggling for control as he inhaled
deeply and exhaled slowly before replying. "A sighting. We've had a few
reports of sightings of some kind of unknown creature. A moose or a
caribou, we're not sure. Or maybe it's a cross between the two. Or maybe


He hesitated. "Well, some have suggested that it could be a bear and
a moose…um, well…that the two have successfully mated."

Carrie's laughter filled the office and from the back room she could
hear Ben, the resident collie, barking in response.

"Really, Mr. Can—Jake, that's highly unlikely. A bear and a moose?
No, I don't believe that could happen. I mean, really, have you taken a
look at the reproductive organs of moose and bears? They're not exactly
suited for mating. And what exactly are you asking me to do?"

"Come on out. Take a look. Hell, you're supposed to be some sort of
fancy-pants genetic expert, aren't you? I'd have thought that something
like this would be a big deal to your kind."

"My kind?"

"That's right. Your kind. Scientists. Doctors. You know—book
people. Wouldn't you like to see an aberration like this? A cross between
a moose and a bear?"

"As I've already told you, I doubt that it could happen. I don't
believe that you've got a cross between a bear and a moose. It's just not
realistic. It's not logical, not…well, it's not scientific."

"But aren't you just a little bit curious?"

Of course I am. And really, it's not as if I have any other exciting
plans in mind for my time away from the office. I was going to sort
through the attic and the garage, for Pete's sake. Nothing that can't be
put off, especially if there's a possibility of finding a new species...what
the hell am I saying? A moose? A bear? Ridiculous!

"I'm sorry to have bothered you, Doctor. You were recommended
and I thought I'd give it a shot. I'll call someone else since it's obvious
that you're not interested in whatever it is we have here. Thank you for
your time and have—"

Sitting straight up in her chair, she dropped her feet to the tiled floor
with a thud as she swiveled and scanned the calendar on the wall beside
her desk. Her time was completely unscheduled for six long weeks.
Perfectly empty.

"Wait a minute! I didn't say I wouldn't go and have a look at it.
Where are you, anyway?" Carrie reached into a drawer for a pencil and
paper and prepared to take notes.



When he chuckled she felt every hair on the back of her neck stand
up straight. Her nipples got harder—something Carrie wouldn't have
thought possible—and her pussy tingled. And he did it all with a mere
chuckle. Carrie could only imagine what an actual touch—some skin-onskin
contact—could do to her.

"That's right. The forty-ninth state, remember us? So what do you
think, Dr. Reed? Shall I make a plane reservation for you? Should I
expect you in the next day or so, or should I phone someone else? It's
entirely up to you."

I've got no reason not to go. A mini-break will be good for me, I
think. Yeah, what the hell…I might as well go, right? Why not?

"I'll make my own flight arrangements, thanks. I'll see if I can get
there sometime tomorrow. How does that sound?" She began to scrawl a
list of things to do before she left on the scrap of paper as she waited for
a response.

"Sounds great. I look forward to meeting you, Doc."

Snapping the phone shut, Carrie smiled. Not as much as I look
forward to meeting you, Jake Canyon.

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