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Friday, September 14, 2007

Got hot? Get INTO THE HEAT!

The buzz on INTO THE HEAT is really sizzling!

From Ecataromance, Amelia Richard said:

"INTO THE HEAT sizzles with unbridled desires and passion...

With a firefighter theme for her Heatsheet, the talented Kate Burns takes readers into the world of those men and women who protect others and many natural creations. Her hero and heroine are both firejumpers, who find themselves battling dangerous situations plus the potent attraction between them. Ms. Burns has created appealing characters with Delia and Cooper, where readers slowly become privy to their innermost thoughts. Seeing how these two handle their yearnings was powerfully depicted, making their moments together almost as hot as the fires often surrounding them. This couple also proves how dedicated they are to their careers, as they never put themselves before their work as they know how every second counts when it comes to controlling a fire. The setting for this story is graphically visual, as I often felt as though I was right beside Delia and Cooper during every situation they faced, whether everyday chores or a threatening blaze. INTO THE HEAT is an engaging story where flames often erupt without warning."

Tanya at Joyfully Reviewed said:

"... Into the Heat is a ‘smokin hot’ romance about two smoke jumpers. I enjoyed Kate Burns descriptions about the gear and the set ups for fire watching. The story is fast paced and you are able to see a lot of what Delia is thinking, both her insecurities and as well as her desires. Into the Heat is a great break from the normal men/women in uniform romances and worth your read."

And Aviana at Two Lips Reviews gave INTO THE HEAT a FIVE LIP RATING!!

"...Into the Heat by Kate Burns is a beautifully written short story full of fine detail that drew me into the narrative. The plot unfolds slowly but with perfect cadence, and nothing seems rushed. I especially appreciated the rare glimpse we’re given of what it’s like for smoke jumpers heading into a fire when the natural instinct is to flee. Author Kate Burns portrays our couple, Delia and Coop, in a very realistic way. Action oriented by nature and profession, it seems perfectly natural they would hem and haw to avoid facing their feelings. Into the Heat is an excellent read and I highly recommend it."

Have you read INTO THE HEAT yet?

~Kate Burns

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