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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Michelle Houston has two new releases!

Diggin' Up Bones is OUT!

I am SO EXCITED about this one. I can't wait to see the reaction it receives.

BLURB: All Alisa wanted was to be left alone with her writings. But the discovery of Native America bones on her property made that wish impossible. The last man she wanted to see was back in her life, and with him Zach Bradford brought a whole lot of memories and some questions she really didn't want to answer. Now besides digging for bones, he's digging into their past as well, searching for answers as to why she broke up with him suddenly, two years ago. And Alisa has to decide if she is going to keep living in the past, or if she's going to let it go and reach for a possible future with Zach. The future she should have had.

Also available today is Phaze in Verse. A wonderful collection of poetry from the Authors of Phaze.

BLURB: Edited by Kally Jo Surbeck, featuring the authors of Phaze. Poetry has long been a short form method to story telling. Morals, epic tales, even desperate pleas for understanding have been recorded through the ages in verse. And yet, somewhere along the line of our technologically advancing society, it seems those small intimate pleasures are growing lost. Poetry is love, life, and feeling breathed into words. Our shared experiences, emotions, dreams?. Today, we are pleased to present to you a fine collection of poetry. This is not just iambic pentameter or rhymed. It is not only free verse or measured. This is a comprehensive collection of a wide variety of tastes, styles, and passions. Just like our readers. There is a little bit of something for everyone.


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