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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Tick Tock

One month left until Bitter Harvest is released by Phaze, and I can't wait.

Coming October 8, 2007 to Phaze!

Bitter Harvest, by Aurora Black
(October 2007)
ISBN 1-59426-931-9

What would you do for love?
How hard would you fight to hold on?

When Claire Ballard first sets eyes on Jack Tanner, she knows he's the man she's been waiting for her entire life. Their life together is like a fairytale, until the unexpected happens and tears them apart… but not forever.

Jack has longed to return to his wife Claire after so long an absence, and he has sworn revenge on the man who ruined his life. With the help of a magical book, both the couple's reunion and his vengeance are at hand, but at a terrible price. Is their love strong enough to defeat an ancient evil?

Official Book Trailer:

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Kate Burns said...

Ancient evil in October! Perfect!