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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Man, I love October.

Not too hot, not too cold. It's Halloween season (Samhain, for my fellow pagans)--lots of corn, pumpkins, earthy colors. And then there are the horror movies. The TV stations really cash in on this time of year, playing horror movies--new and old--for the entire month. Being a HUGE horror movie fanatic, it's heaven to me.

There's also something different, something in the air that makes this time of year peaceful, renewing. Maybe it's the Druid in me, but I'm calmer during the fall, especially during October, than I am any other time of year.

So what about y'all? What do you like about October in particular?

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C said...

I love October and November. The weather is perfect and it's colorful outside. I like Halloween and Thanksgiving too. Seeing people dress up in ridiculous costumes are always fun. :)