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Monday, October 15, 2007

My Interview @ Rogues & Romance!

The wonderful reviewing team of Dee & Mandy were kind enough to ask me to do an interview with them for their special Halloween feature on the Rogues and Romance site, and I was overjoyed. Here's the result of their hard-hitting questions and my (very) candid responses:

Interview with Aurora Black @ R&R

Obviously, I held nothing back. Not even the twist of Bitter Harvest was safe... though there are even bigger surprises than that one!

In their generosity, Dee & Mandy also mentioned my special Halloween giveaway contest that's happening on my official blog, "Roses On Snow." I'm giving away 10 FREE copies of Bitter Harvest!!! Please visit my blog for details. Visitors of Rogues and Romance can also enter the contest there.

Good luck, and see you all on Halloween when I announce the winners!

~ Aurora

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