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Monday, October 22, 2007

Whoo! It's out!

It's an exciting week for me. And busy. I'm getting ready for YaoiCon up in the San Fransico Bay area. Found out my hotel is farther away from the con than I thought...but not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes I need a place to retreat to. So, I'm prepping promo CDs, updating websites, trying to get everything packed.

And I'm feverishly checking the PO Box for my author copies. This will be the first con I've been to where I may actually have a book on hand. Whcih book, you ask?

This one of course:

James Buchanan's Twice The Cowboy, Twice The Ride

Twice the Cowboy and Twice the Ride, together in one print volume! It’s out Today!

You can also get the e-book of Twice the Ride, sequel to Twice the Cowboy at Phaze (in case you can’t wait),+Twice+the+Ride+by+James+Buchanan

Twice The Cowboy:

Preditors and Editors Readers Poll Winner!
Love Romances Golden Rose Winner!

Manuel Santos Fuentes was not the type of cowboy Jess Graff was used to. From the moment they met during the El Paso International Rodeo, Jess wanted the Charro. When Manuel is injured during El Paso de la Muerte, Jess seizes the opportunity to get his vaquero into bed. But cross-cultural misunderstandings and family feuds threaten to destroy their relationship before it really starts. Can two men from wildly different backgrounds overcome hatred and jealousy and learn to trust in each other?

Twice The Ride: The anticipated sequel to Twice the Cowboy!

Saddle up for the much anticipated sequel to Twice the Cowboy! The story of Jess and Manuel continues. A Rodeo, a wedding and an uncle with attitude…Jess tries to negotiate his way through Manuel's family and feelings. It isn't easy for the cowboy to deal with a culture he doesn't really understand. And it isn't easy to trust, for either of them. Misunderstandings mix with Manuel's machismo and Jess' bravado to tear at the still fragile underpinnings of their relationship. Can their bond survive a weekend with Manuel's family?

Elements: M/M

And a little except for you.


Jess stamped his boots before following Manuel through the door. It was as cold inside as it was outside. Scooting round the charro already digging through the drawers, ancient springs protested when Jess flopped on top of the covers. He watched as Manuel shucked his clothes on the way to the closet. Jess would have reached over and turned on the small wall heater, but they weren’t going to be there that long.

He closed his eyes and lazed. Subtle, soft, Manuel’s scent drifted from the pillow. The slightly honeyed smell of the shampoo Manuel always used reminded Jess he needed to pick more up. That meant a trip to the only damn store in town he’d found that carried the chunky orange bottle. Probably he should grab some of those little sesame candies the boy had gotten him hooked on. Okay, it was four goddamn thirty and he was making grocery lists. It was either time to go back to sleep or head out. Sleep sounded like the better option. Jess just started to wonder what was keeping Manuel when the drizzle out of the bath sounded.

Disgusted, Jess sat up, flipped on the heater and yelled without quite yelling. “You could have taken a shower at my place.”

From behind the drone of water came Manuel’s voice. “No hay que ahogarse en un vaso de agua.”

Jess hauled himself off the thin mattress and headed into the closet. Neat rows of shirts and jeans hung from a pole along one wall. Two sets of broken-in cowboy boots, a pair of tennis shoes and Manuel’s fancy charro boots were lined up underneath. Manuel’s pride and joy, second only to Mango, took up most of the space. Tucked along the back wall, a black leather saddle studded in ten pounds of coin silver slept on its tree. The damn thing cost more than a quarter of Jess’ yearly take from construction. Turning left the cowboy leaned against the jamb and coughed. A dark shadow lurked behind green and blue stripes running across a dime store shower curtain. “What the hell are you going on about?”

Manuel stepped to the rear of the tub and pulled the plastic back. “You make it a big thing when it is not.” Water beaded on his warm brown skin. “I didn’t think before we left.” Jess sucked in his breath and shifted. Suddenly his coat was too damn warm and his pants too damn tight. Manuel’s lip curled in a sensual smile. “You want to join me, papi?”

Jess swallowed. “I already had a shower.” A quick and dirty jump under the spray and hose off shower while Manuel made coffee, but a shower all the same.

Manuel leaned back against the pink tile and smirked. One hand wandered down to rub his thick, uncut cock. Nimble fingers played with Manuel’s heavy balls and stroked warm flesh. “Pasa nada.” He shrugged and pretended as though he could really care less what Jess wanted to do. “You do what you want.”

Damn, no way the cowboy could even make eight seconds with that show. “Ah, hell.” Jess hissed as he stripped. “At least it’s warm in there.” Stumbling over his own feet, he tried to get his boots and jeans off at the same time. Finally he recovered and shucked his clothes in record time.
With a smirk, Manuel licked his lips. “Very warm.”

Everything was already hard and throbbing as Jess stepped into the tub. Manuel reached out and wrapped his hand around Jess’ cock. “Jessé, estoy ansioso de ti.” He whispered as he moved in close.

Jess swallowed, trembling with anticipation under Manuel’s confident touch. The cowboy wasn’t even out of the gate and he was already half way to finished. That firm grip moved up and down his shaft, balling lightning in his toes and behind his knees. “Goddamn!” Jess hissed just before Manuel’s lips met his own.

Jess slid his hands over Manuel’s chest across his back and down to cup his tight cheeks. Hard in all the right places, round in all the right places, Jess cupped and squeezed. That man had the finest ass in all creation. It might be just his opinion, but did anyone else’s matter?

With an indrawn breath, Manuel leaned into Jess’ body. Everything was rearing up and ready to go for both of them. Manuel’s hard prick bumped up against his belly. It left a slick kiss each time. Rocking his hips to feel that silky hard flesh moving along his own, Jess moaned out. “Hot damn, Manuel.”,+Twice+the+Ride+by+James+Buchanan

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