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Thursday, November 22, 2007

All the Fixin' Coming soon from Marie Rochelle

All the Fixin' blurb

Ever since Shea Anderson laid eyes on-hazel eyed hunk Craig Clark Evans she had longed to feel his lips pressed against her-but that would never happen, because Craig hated her from the moment he met her at his aunt’s house. His dislike for her only grew after his aunt left her as the sole owner of her company ‘Luscious Lips.’
Craig Clark Evans is determined to uncover how Shea tricked his dying aunt into signing over all the stocks of the family business to her and not him, but every time he looks into her dark eyes his desire for her grows and other more pleasurable thoughts enter his mind.
However it doesn’t matter how much he might want the ebony goddess in his bed he plans to do whatever it takes to get his family business back no matter the cost. Will Craig come to his senses before it’s too late and Shea’s love for him is gone forever in…..?

All the Fixin’

COMING on 01/07/08 From Phaze

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