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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Canyon's Call in Print!

I couldn't be happier! Canyon's Call, which I loved writing, is available in print. This book has gotten rave reviews and wonderful reader response. Check it out! Woo Hoo!
kate burns

Carrie Reed, a highly respected genetic veterinary specialist, has it all, except for a man. So when Jake Canyon phones he commands her attention. His voice is sexy, his tone is hot and he insists there is a new species of animal roaming around on his River View Canyon Ranch. Would she come and identify it for him? What has she got to lose? She just may find a new animal on her trip. And even if there is no new species, she figures just seeing the man that belongs to the hotter-than-fire voice will be worth the journey.

Only $9 for a limited time (Reg $11)'s+Call+by+Kate+Burns

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