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Monday, December 10, 2007

Hot Off the Presses! "Potent Spirits"

Title: Potent Spirits
Author: Aurora Black
ISBN 978-1-59426-801-4
Publisher: Phaze
Format: Electronic
Price: $2

Now Available at Phaze!

The legendary story of "A Christmas Carol" has never been seen like this!

Quiet and shy Vivian Woods is in love with the devastatingly handsome Caleb Blackwell, a sexy fireman who sets her heart ablaze every night in her dreams, but she's convinced that he doesn't know she exists. She plans to spend another lonely Christmas at home, with thoughts of her secret love to keep warm.

Someone has other plans.

With the help of three hunky spirits, Vivian takes the most erotic and revealing journey of her life. Their sizzling touches on her skin teach her about the passionate, strong woman she really is inside... and a special someone's true feelings. 'Tis the season to make love.

Excerpt #1 (Sensual):

Her lower lip trembled from the lunacy of it all. "What do you want from me?"

His eyes were tender as he held out his hand for her to take.

"All I want is to take away the pain. Come with me."

She could almost feel her mother's presence beside her again, encouraging her.

Go on, honey. Take a chance. Be happy. Live free and open your heart to love.

Vivian placed a trembling hand in his own, and he gently lifted it to his lips.

"You won't regret this," he murmured against her shivering skin. She remained silent as he wrapped his arm around her, leading her to the window. "Look outside, Vivian. What do you see?"

Her dark brown eyes darted over the scene below as she licked her dry lips.

"I see other apartment buildings, cars on the busy streets, falling snow."

The spirit dropped his arm from her shoulders and stepped behind her, his eyes drinking in her beauty. He tenderly stroked her hair as she faced the window. With one hand he brushed away some of her wayward curls, leaning forward to graze his sensual lips against the sensitive nape of her neck.

His breath was warm against her ear, and her eyes fell shut from the sensation.

"Do you know what I see down there? I see people who have purpose in their lives, people who love and are loved in return. I see them racing through the icy wind and snow to get home, back to the warmth of their houses and the company of their loved ones."

His hands trailed down her sides to cradle her hips, pulling her to him. She could feel him growing hard against her ass, and instinctively she pressed back. He let out a soft grunt, his breathing heavy as he slid his hands beneath her pajama top to cup her breasts. His husky voice seduced her as he resumed speaking.

"I can feel the grief and loneliness that you carry in your breast, Vivian. Such a heavy burden for a woman such as you. I sense that you've been burned badly in the past, and as a result you've abandoned your dreams and resigned yourself to the life of a hermit. It's not too late to set things right."

She reached behind her and traced his powerful thighs with her fingernails, entranced by the cords of muscle that quivered beneath her touch. He gave a wordless murmur of encouragement as his fingers deftly unfastened the buttons of her shirt and slid it off, exposing her breasts to the night's chill. His calloused hands covered her aching nipples, and she whimpered in pleasure.

Vivian leaned forward and rested her forehead against the frosty glass as her earlier apprehension was replaced by lust for her visitor. Her breath came in pants, fogging the glass even further. With a great deal of effort, she managed to speak.

"I...I don't usually do this with men I don't know..."

His laughter was deep and rich as he gently pushed down her pajama bottoms and motioned for her to step out of them. She wore only a pair of lacy panties, but she wasn't cold. On the contrary, she was downright hot.

The spirit embraced her from behind, his chest flush against her back as he cupped her mound through the thin barrier of lace. "If you must attach a name to me, call me Tobias. That was my name in life."

She turned her head to the side, her eyes filled with wonder as she regarded her ghostly lover.

"What are your plans for me, Tobias?"

His soulful green eyes flashed in the darkness, his lips close to hers.

"I'll show you, if you'll allow me."

Excerpt #2 (Spicy):

The last message began to play, and the sound of her recorded voice filled the room. She had forgotten that she called earlier that evening.

"Hi, Caleb. This is Vivian. I was just calling to wish you a Merry Christmas. So, um, Merry Christmas. Maybe I'll see you around sometime. Bye."

She winced at how she'd sounded, glancing to see Caleb's reaction. He stood beside her, staring at the machine as it clicked off. His tawny eyes softened, and he played the message again as he removed his belt and unsnapped his jeans.

Behind her, Chris leaned forward and whispered in her ear. She
could feel his erection throbbing against her ass. She imagined his
wicked smile. "Now the fun begins, baby."

Vivian's mouth fell open as a half-naked Caleb strode into what must have been his bedroom. She turned to Chris, who was watching her with raw lust in his gaze. She felt warm all over from the lethal combination of his look and the fact that her man was undressing just a few feet away. And then it dawned on her that she was alone in the apartment with not one, but two gorgeous men. Oh, the possibilities!

Her answering smile was positively feral. She trailed a hand down his body and firmly gripped his cock, giving it a few pumps before releasing it to walk toward the bedroom. "Shall we?"

"Potent Spirits," by Aurora Black
Now Available at Phaze!

~ Aurora

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