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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Submissions Call: Coming Together: Against the Odds

It's no secret that my son is autistic, and in the past year alone, I've found many, many authors and readers who either have autistic children or who work/have worked with autistic people. There is no cure for autism. My son, who will be 6 in March, was diagnosed three years ago. He will be autistic for the rest of his life--just like anyone else with it. Autism is a spectrum disorder--with many levels of severity. I'm lucky my son is lower to mid-spectrum. He's not high-functioning, but he communicates well. No one knows what causes autism, though there are many studies that point to several factors. Simply put: Autism is a mystery.

With that in mind, I'm thrilled to announce the following call for submissions for another Coming Together anthology, edited by Alessia Brio and to be published by Phaze. Proceeds will benefit Autism Speaks, a wonderful organization that promotes education, research, and community for those who deal with autism--whether directly or indirectly, and for those who simply wish to know more and help.


All behavior is communication. The trick is to figure out just what it's saying. No behavior communicates as clearly or on as many levels as sex. All the physical and emotional senses are engaged. Add the element of intrigue, and the intellect is engaged as well.

Phaze, in partnership with editor, Alessia Brio, is now accepting submissions for Coming Together: Against the Odds, a collection of erotic fiction with a mystery theme.

We're seeking short stories up to 12K words. (There is no minimum length.) Poetry will also be considered. Reprints are welcome as long as the author owns ebook & print rights.

Same sex, ménage, and BDSM submissions are welcome, as is poetry. Absolutely NO bestiality, pedophilia, necrophilia, bodily waste, incest, underage sex, or positively portrayed rape will be considered.

All proceeds from the sale of this special anthology will benefit Autism Speaks.

Coming Together is erotic altruism at its finest!


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Missy Lyons said...

This is a fantastic cause!! Autism has affected many people I know and I think this book is going to hit close to home.

I really think this series "Coming Together" is a fantastic thing the Phaze family has done.