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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Michelle Houston's Parallel Attraction is now available

Whoohoo! PARALLEL ATTRACTION is now available for purchase at:

It's the first in a series of stories set in an alternate reality. I still have to come up with a title for the series, but I am thinking of calling it "What If ...".

Anna-Marie Dallas is having a bad day. She's in a hostage situation where the odds aren't in her favor. When the gunman detonates the bomb he's been threatening, her fears are realized--she' s going to die.

Instead of waking up in the hereafter, she finds herself in a parallel reality, that split off sometime during the second world war. In the alternate universe, a third world war decimated their population, and they're struggling to rebuild.

Adjusting to the shift in reality, Anna-Marie also struggles with her growing attraction to Alex Brent, and finds that her life is not done changing.

The first review has come in, and it was a good one. You can check it out at:

If you have any suggestions for a series title, feel free to suggest it. My email is theeroticpen @ (without the spaces)

Michelle Houston

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