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Saturday, May 24, 2008


Well, not my book Fascination Street exactly. But CBS will be airing a TV show with the same swingin' theme in a new show called, appropriately enough, "Swingtown". I knew I wasn't off the mark with my book topic! Of course, though, the biggest differences between my book and the show are their show is set in the 70's, when swapping wives got noticed (you know people have been doing it for a long time, right?) and the show has the folks doing drugs. No drugs in my book. Just clean, wholesome fun. Hey, stop laughing!

Here's the show site:

And here's a link to their sneak preview:

I hope they put the videos online. As risque as the show is, I doubt they will. Until then, I highly suggest that if you haven't gotten Fascination Street yet, that you get it! Available in ebook and in paperback:


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