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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Lascivious by Marty Rayne is now available

Marty Rayne has her first print book out!


Order your copy today -

Two Phaze favorites in one bound volume!

Journey to the Dark Side: Serial killer Dante is targeting submissive males who frequent a fetish club, The Dark Side. Detective Monica Street is determined to end the killer's reign on the community and needs help. Enter sexy FBI Agent Jared Keller, who has the looks and ability Monica is looking for.
And what's the best way to catch this killer? Draw him out by playing in the world of domination and submission. Only alpha-male Jared gets more than he bargains for as he’s engulfed by Mistress Monica, whippings, and the trappings of a psychotic serial killer.

Testing Passion: Janet O'Neal enjoys her part-time job with Pandora's Box. She sets her own schedule, it's never boring, and at times, very exhilarating. Yes, being a sex toy tester can be stimulating. But when her boyfriend dumps her, Janet hates the limitations that are forced upon the way she performs her job.

Damien Richards seeks out his best tester. With a deadline looming, there is no one he trusts more than Janet and her studious testing skills. Of course, he has another motive when he knocks on Janet's door asking for her help. Being the owner of Pandora's Box, he's frightened that he's losing his best employee, the woman who has him intrigued and fascinated by the passion filling her reports. Can Damien talk Janet into spending a weekend with him working, testing passion, along with the toys? Will Janet welcome the stranger into her most secret fantasies?

Marty Rayne

Tempt yourself with erotic adventures

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