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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lost & Found by Marc Nobbs

My New Novella, Lost & Found, has been released by Phaze. At 26000 words and $4 (around £2), Lost & Found is the story of two men's love for one woman – but not in the way you think.

Chris has flown across the Atlantic to be with his 'cyber-lover' Beth in her hour of need, but Beth's father, The Colonel, is damned if he's going to let some guy from across the pond steal away his only daughter just days after he lost his only son.

An emotional rollercoaster that takes you from the sorrow of a military funeral to the highs of winning big in Las Vegas, Lost & Found is a must read.

Buy it today direct from Phaze today, or look out for it on Fictionwise, mobipocket or All Romance eBooks very soon.

To see the stunning cover by Kenrda Egert, click here.

To read an excerpt click here or here.

Here's what Leigh Ellwood said about Lost & Found on her blog.

I'm especially excited for Lost & Found, which is a nicely done romance amid the tense drama of anti-war sentiment. It could easily be a television movie with the way the relationships play out in the story. Marc is an excellent writer and I'm really hoping the audience finds this work.
I think that was rather nice of her. Admittidly, Leigh Ellwood also goes by the name Kathryn Lively, and happens to be the Phaze publisher, but that's not the point. Not the point at all.

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