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Monday, July 07, 2008

A CHANGE OF PACE by Michelle Houston is out!

Doing the happy dance. Whoohoo!

A Change of Pace is now available.

I really like this title since it is a bit shorter than what I have been writing lately, so it goes back a little bit to my erotic short story beginnings, while still delivering a hot little story. Plus at the price of $2.00 I am hoping that readers who have been interested in my books, but maybe not wanting to do a major investment, will give me a try.

Enough about me though ... how about something about the book. LOL

Nicole is frustrated with the emptiness of her life and when a chance meeting with Alan, an object of her affection from the past, ends with an invitation to his house for dinner, and whatever may come, she decides to take a chance and live a little.

There's an excerpt available on my website.

* ~ *

Plus, my July newsletter is out! It's in the files section of my newsgroup ( and on my website.

And I have updated the look of my blog ( and website, and welcome comments, critiques and suggestions.

Michelle Houston

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