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Friday, November 28, 2008

Michelle Houston's BLOOD SLAVE

by Michelle Houston

M/M, Vampire, BDSM, Paranormal - not for the faint of heart

Sometime in the near future, vampires have been found to exist and have been hunted down and systematically infected with a virus that causes them to lose their sight. But they have found a way around it, through the use of blood slaves.

Where The Blind Leads: Brandon is one of those possible slaves, and if his interview goes right, he will become his master's new eyes, food supply, and lover. After his master is done whipping him and testing his sexual abilities.

Leading The Blind: Nicholas used to be one of those slaves, but through the slow infection of the virus, he has been turned. Now he is facing a future he knows nothing about--dominating another. His old master decides to step in a find a new master for Nicholas, a mortal man who is not only willing to dominate a blind vampire, but also to be his blood slave.

EXCERPT: from Leading The Blind -- rated X

"Walk forward. About twenty steps."

Placing one foot carefully in front of the other, even as he wondered why he was following a stranger's orders, Nicholas carefully crossed the room. He was hesitant, even on such familiar ground, still trying to come to terms with his loss of sight.

"Stop," came the sharp, simple command.

Nicholas could hear the familiar creak of the leather chair as his uninvited guest stood. The faint scent of blood pumping through veins called to him, reminding him of his hunger. He hadn't taken the time to find a donor before his meeting with Daren. His old master had insisted that they meet right after sunset, without explanation. Now he knew why; he had someone waiting for him.

The brush of fingers against his cheek startled him, but he forced himself to remain as still as he could manage. He was in a room, alone with someone whose intentions he could not guess. Trembling slightly, his hands fisted at his sides. He waited, hoping that Daren truly had something worked out.

"I remember you well, Nicholas. I watched you when Daren would bringyou to the clubs; you had such an intense nature to you. A truesubmissive--utterly and perfectly trained.

"The fingertips traced down his neck, pausing at the collar of his shirt. He felt the rush of air brush across his neck. Without warning, he grasped both sides of Nicholas' shirt and pulled, tearing the buttons off and baring his chest.

His heart racing, Nicholas clenched his muscles, forcing himself to stand still.

"Very good. I see you haven't forgotten your training." The man paused, and Nicholas imagined him gazing at his naked chest. "Now, finish undressing."

The leather creaked again as the man regained his seat. Nervous, Nicholas raised his hands to his waist. He unbuckled his belt and pulled it free of his pants. While he unzipped his jeans, he kicked off his shoes. He shimmied out of his jeans, kicking them and his boxers aside, then stood naked before the unseen dominant.

"On the floor beside you are some gifts. I trust you know how to put them on for yourself."

Bending down, Nicholas felt around until he touched the coarse surface of a canvas bag. Opening it up, he found several clamps and leather straps inside. Swallowing the moan that touching the items invoked, he pulled out a nipple clamp. Pinching his nipple, he openedthe claws and attached the gator clip, the attached weight pulling at his nipple. Hissing at the sudden sting, he prepared his other nipple before his fingers closed over the second clamp.

As he attached it, the urge to stroke his suddenly hard cock rushed through him. He could feel his balls tightening, the first signs of an orgasm sweetly building. Rather than give in to the urge, he picked up a leather strap and eased it slowly between his fingers, lovingly dragging his thumb over the well worn leather. He could smell the heady mixture of come and sweat wafting from the leather as he caressed it.

"Recognize it?"

Nicholas felt the slight bumps under his fingertips. Carefully stroking them, he read his name in Braille.

"Yes," he responded, his throat tight. Daren had given him all of his bonds when the change began, except his collar and his cock-strap, the latter of which he now held in his hand. His movements quick with familiarity, he twisted the leather around his cock and balls and jerked it tight. Gritting his teeth, he jerked it tighter, assuring himself that he wouldn't come before his master wished.

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