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Friday, November 28, 2008

Michelle Houston's ENSLAVING HEAVEN

by Michelle Houston

F/F, Futuristic, BDSM


Lyssa is disgusted by the whole sale of slaves, but finds herselfdrawn to one of the ladies on the selling block. After impulsivelypurchasing her, Lyssa now has to decide what to do with Alya -- shecan't just keep her. But the former prostitute, now slave, has otherplans for her new mistress, including convincing her to let her stay.As if Lyssa doesn't have enough to deal with, her pilot and bestfriend Nita is having problems adjusting to the newest member oftheir crew, and how it makes her feel. Nita had once found whatLyssa has, but lost it thanks to her. When an accident gives Nita asecond chance with the woman she loves, she risks Lyssa's wrath to bewith her.

EXCERPT: rated X

A soft moan from across the room drew her attention back to the submissive. Alya was slowly stroking up and down her inner thighs, rubbing the scented cream into her skin. With each upward stroke, she brushed her hand against the harness, shifting the didlo strapped inside her.

Just before her shower Lyssa had produced the toy and strapped her into it. Instantly, Alya had trembled. Her body flushed with need.

"Come here." Lyssa struggled for a softer tone, knowing she hadn't been easy on the girl the last few days. She'd pushed her, showing her the worst she could expect. Now it was time to show her the best, the gentleness, Lyssa also possessed.

Alya climbed onto the bed and her breath caught in a whimper. Lyssa reached out and cupped the leather at her groin, pressing it deeper and tilting it slightly. Alya's legs trembled, the muscles spasming. Her doe-brown eyes closed in bliss as she rocked against Lyssa's hand.

Lyssa shifted her hand back and forth, gently stroking the dildo against her submissive's slick inner walls until her breath caught on a moan. "Mistress," Alya whimpered. Her teeth caught her lower lip, biting down on the tender flesh. It was a clever way to delay an orgasm. Lyssa had seen many prostitutes use the same technique.

She stopped and Alya's eyes flared open. Wordlessly, she begged for more, her eyes soft and pleading.

Michelle Houston

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