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Friday, November 28, 2008

Michelle Houston's WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE series

Bk 1 - Fated To Be
Bk 2 - Playing For Keeps
by Michelle Houston

Published by Phaze

Long ago, mortals worshipped the deities of Olympus , which in turn gave them purpose. Often the immortals mingled with those who pleased them, taking lovers where they wished, but rarely allowing their lives to be affected by them.

In the modern age, with mortals believing in them less and less, quite a few of the Olympians have withdrawn, ignoring the mortal realm completely. Some live partially among the mortals, but return often to Olympus. A select few found themselves fascinated with the mortal world, and chose to completely live among mortals, some even finding love.

Finding Justice is the story of a judge who is trying to decide what is the right punishment in a capital case; and Thea, the women whom he meets at the least convenient time in his life. What he doesn't know is that Thea is actually the Goddess Themis, and she has seen a dire consequence for him, if he allows his emotions to sway him from what he knows is right. A future that she isn't willing to let come to pass.
Embracing Destiny is Apollo's story. After helping Thea find happiness, he is reunited with the soul of Daphne/Cassandra, two of his lost loves. He has to come to terms with the changes in her, as well as his rapidly growing attraction to her.

Worshiped: Alicia has been burned by men in her life, specifically by an abusive ex-husband. So when she is invited to a mysterious party, she isn't sure just what to think. Only the knowledge that her friend Athena--whom she knows is a Goddess--arranged things prompts her to go. There she meets Pothos (God of Passion) and Himeros (God of Sexual Desire), who set about to seduce her; a seduction she is more than willing to let happen. After all, they're not men, they're Gods.
A Wish and a Threesome: Nike loves Athena, and has been happy with her fellow Goddess and lover for centuries. Upon occasion, she has taken a male lover, with Athena's consent, but she always yearned for more--for Athena to join in. After doing Athena a favor by attending Aphrodite's Party and helping a young woman that Athena had taken under her wing, Nike meets Chris. She is instantly in lust with the handsome man, but thinks their meeting is happenstance. She quickly comes to find however, that Athena had a hand in his invitation to the party, using it as a perfect opportunity to fulfill Nike's greatest wish.

EXCERPT: from FATED TO BE (Finding Justice) - rated PG13

"The door's locked," she whispered back.

"How did you . . ."

"I heard the lock click." She moved back, and stood and kicked off her sandals. Lifting her hands to the neck of her dress, she slowly slid the zipper down.

"Thea, baby, this really isn't the best place."

"I know, but this room is part of who you are. It's where you're the most tense and where you need to relax the most." With a flutter, her dress dropped to the floor and she stood clad in only a peach bra and matching panties. His mouth went dry.

Where before he'd guessed at her curves, now he had proof. While petite, she wasn't dainty by any stretch. She had a woman's curves; full hips, round breasts and firm thighs that could crush a man between them.

Reaching behind her, she unclasped her bra, letting it fall to the floor. Jacob stood and gently cupping her breasts in his hands. He couldn't help wondering if he was insane for doing this, here in a courthouse. But, at that moment, there was nowhere he'd rather be than in her arms, in this chamber. The smell of the old tomes had always been soothing, but mixed with the delicate strains of her perfume and her arousal; it was a heady combination.

His body felt less tense, but his heart was racing. Thea slid against him, her supple little body curling around him, her hands busy removing his clothing before he was even aware of it.
"Make love to me, Jacob." The sensual plea in her voice was more delicious than any aphrodisiac, and he was powerless to resist.

Lifting her in his arms, he carried her to his desk and sat her on the top. Her hands continued to pull against his belt while he worked on slipping free of his shoes and socks.

When his belt slipped free, her slender hands worked his button and zipper, and like her dress, his pants whispered to the floor. Stepping free of them, his quickly unbuttoned his shirt, feeling more like a high school student in the back of his mom's car than a judge, who had sat the bench for a decade.

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