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Monday, January 12, 2009

COMING TOGETHER: AGAINST THE ODDS contributors announced!

All behavior is communication. The trick is to figure out just what it's saying. No behavior communicates as clearly or on as many levels as sex. All the physical and emotional senses are engaged. Add the element of intrigue, and the intellect is engaged as well.

Coming Together editor Alessia Brio and Phaze Books are proud to announce the authors contributing to the upcoming Coming Together: Against The Odds anthology, which contains stories and poetry with a mystery theme, and will have all proceeds donated to Autism Speaks charity.

And we are thrilled to have the introduction done by none other than Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica editor Maxim Jakubowski! This collection will be released in ebook and in print in the summer 2009.

Introduction (Maxim Jakubowski)
Will She Kiss Me? (Giselle Renarde)
Under a Moving Star (Angela Caperton)
Blind Tasting (EllaRegina)
Undercover Angel (Alessia Brio)
Always a Bridesmaid (Andrea Dale)
Choke (Gregory Norris)
The Booty Call Caper (Kathleen Bradean)
Sen-Sen (Alicia Night Orchid)
It Had To Be You (GS Wiley)
Missing Pieces (Jasmine Black)
Claim Mate (Brenna Lyons)
Sixth Sense (Teresa Noelle Roberts)
No Boundaries (Moondancer Drake)
The Arch (Eva Montealegre)

About the editor: Alessia Brio is, first & foremost, an activist. No matter what's going on in her life, she'll find a way to organize those involved & inject an element of altruism. If she didn't have basic needs like food & shelter, she'd probably spend all her time volunteering for one cause or another. Even her nom de plume reflects her nature. Alessia is an Italian name derived from the Greek verb alexéin meaning "to defend/protect" and Brio relates to the Italian musical term con brio meaning "with spirit/brilliance."

In addition to serving as Coming Together's editor, Alessia writes all colors and flavors of erotica, from heterosexual to ménage to same sex, and from twisted to humorous to deeply touching. (Sometimes, usually by accident, it even qualifies as romance.) Her work has earned her critical acclaim in the form of an EPPIE for Best Erotica (fine flickering hungers) and a Romantic Times Top Pick (Coming Together: For the Cure) in addition to a plethora of glowing online reviews.

Ms. Brio lives in the mountains near Pittsburgh, where she masquerades as a soccer mom. Her fetishes include SuDoku, rare steak, and stainless steel. She stands 5'8" tall in her bare feet (which is how she prefers to stand) and has a mop of unruly dark hair that is being conquered by grey, complementing the laugh lines around her mischievous eyes.

The Internet is both her office and her playground, and she can be found online at in addition to MySpace and a few other sites.

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