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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Vision in Green a free valentine read

Today on the day of lovers my free ebook Vision in Green is finally out.

It's a short f/f story about two woman who meet in a night club. The main character Samantha is also packing, a topic I wanted to write about for a while.

Here is the cover and a short excerpt:


Samantha wound her way around the nightclub, her fingers tapping with the rhythm of the music as she moved. The beat vibrated through her whole body, making her heart race and her feet want to dance.

As she walked she looked at the faces of the dancers lost in the moment, their bodies writhing close to one another, glistening with sweat. Samantha felt turned on just watching the scene in front of her, her hand unconsciously running over the fabric that covered her new toy.

She wondered if any of them could tell that tonight she was packing. She was nervous but excited; she could feel it pushed up hard against her leg as it tried to break free of her trouser fabric.

The best thing about this story is it's totally free just go over to Phaze and pick it up from here:

And if you are curious about packing please head over here to find more information:

Nicole Gestalt
Erotically Eclectic

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