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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Available now! Livin' on a Prayer

Livin' on a Prayer

Livin' on a Prayer
Book #2 in the Slippery When Wet series

By: Jude Mason

Published By: Phaze Books
ISBN # 978-1-59426-779-6
Word Count: 25000
Heat Index

Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Reader, HTML, Mobipocket

Price: $3.00
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Logan White is released from prison after serving eight years in Corcoran for his part in a B & E where a man was killed. Enter Reverend Shane Grayson, a gay man of the cloth who helps find Logan a job, but that turns into a horror story. Can the two lovers find a way to be together or will the underbelly of society win this battle?

Chapter One

The soft leather sports bag lay like a blanket across his shoulder; the heavy barred doors in front of him looked like they'd never open. Logan White stood patiently waiting. He'd learned patience if nothing else in the last eight years. Eight long years, he thought, and shuffled his feet.

Something clanged behind him but he ignored it, unwilling to let anything deter him from his release, his first steps into freedom. Footsteps approached and the bitter smell of tobacco assailed his nostrils. A hack, a guard, it had to be.

"Getting out, eh White," a deep gruff voice asked.

"Yes, boss," Logan responded quickly, carefully. He couldn't take the chance of something getting in the way of his freedom. Not when it was this close. Close enough to taste. Close enough to give him a hard-on.

"Got yer paperwork, Warden spoke to you already?"

"Yes, boss. Everything's done. I'm just waiting for the gate to open so I can get outta here." He straightened his back, ready for whatever happened. Adrenaline coursed through him. What the fuck did this hack want?

"Am I gonna see your ugly mug again?"

A hand slid down his back and came to rest on his left butt cheek. He didn't move, didn't let on that he wanted to bash the guy’s head in. "No, boss. I've done my time. And no offense, but the accommodations aren't what I'd call great."

The hand left him, and a voice whispered, "You'll be back. Stats say so." The man was so close, he felt the breath against his neck.

Logan's stomach muscles tightened. "Not me, boss. I'm outta here for good."

"We'll see. Keep your nose clean and steer clear of trouble."

"Yes, boss. That's my plan."

The gate opened, slowly, the rusted metal screaming as it slid to the side. It stopped, a great clang indicating it was open as far as it was going.

Afternoon sunlight streamed in, washing over Logan's work boots and up the legs of his worn blue jeans. When it touched the bottom of his t-shirt, he strode through the tunnel leading to the outside world.

The gate screeched shut behind him, clanging loudly when metal struck metal. He was out. The Hell hole of COR and its atrocities were behind him.

By the time he climbed onto the Greyhound heading north, he was humming.


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