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Friday, July 31, 2009

Help Make A Difference with Michelle Houston

I’ve always been a strong supporter of conservation efforts. With the hurry of back-to-school time, I can fully understand how people don’t have the time to volunteer and the money to donate.

So I am going to do it for you.

Here’s the deal. I will donate a portion of my royalties from the sale of any of my Animal Attraction titles purchased from the Phaze website ( during the month of August to a conservation organization (local, national or international, depending upon the sales). That includes Unleashing the Jaguar, which comes out on the 10th. The reason I am selecting the Phase website only is because the stats are generated monthly, unlike the resellers which often report quarterly, so I can tell at the end of the month how many copies sold and thus what I need to send out.

The eligible titles are:
Taming the Wolf
Embracing the Leopard
Unleashing the Jaguar

( or (

You don’t have to email me any information. You don’t have to forward receipts. My sales stats will tell me everything I need to know. If you want to send along what you think of the stories, I am always appreciative of reader comments. : )

I understand that not everyone wants to read M/M stories, so I will be doing this sometime soon with my M/F works, once I decide upon a beneficiary.

If you want to make a further difference (or if M/M isn’t your cup of tea), all of the proceeds from the sale of anthology Coming Together: Al Fresco, edited by Alessia Brio and published by All Romance e-Books, are donated to Conservation International.

And if you email me a copy of your receipt for that title (minus you payment info of course), I will add a bit to my donation in recognition of that.

Any questions, feel free to contact me. And happy reading!

Michelle Houston

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Alessia Brio said...

Kudos, Michelle!