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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Love is in the Stars at Phaze Books

We at mission control have talked for a few years about releasing a line that featured two different stories, united by theme or genre, under one title. Initially we had the mini-imprint Phaze Duets bounce around the idea room, but as thoughts progressed we thought to keep with the cosmic milieu, and finally Phaze Binary Stars is about to launch. To the right is the cover template, the solid colors will be replaced with artwork.

What prompted this line to fruition was a recent decision to limit submissions of short lengths (5-10K words) to in-house authors. When you try to sell works in that realm, the question of price gets sticky. Do you charge your absolute minimum, when works double that length cost the same, or do you lower the price and therefore bring fewer royalties for your authors? There are eBook publishers that consider works between 1K and 9K, and certainly some authors prefer to write that length. Marketing such stories is a challenge, but we're going to give this a try. Technically, we've done a few of these already. Courtney Bee's College Grind/Ouch and Yvette Hines' Apprehension come to mind.

Volume One of Phaze Binary Stars, two M/M shorts by Jack Greene, will release early next year, and there is a second work contracted as well. With success and interest, we'll do more.

Here's how it will work: For this line Phaze Books will consider two stories, either by the same author or two authors, where the total minimum word count is 10K. The stories don't have to be 5K and 5K exactly - just any combination that adds up to ten thou. Maximum word count: 25K. The few in-house authors I've talked to about this line are enthusiastic about it. I like that a "double-shot" title showcases a short work, rather than have it get lost in an anthology. We'll still do anthologies in the future, but I'm looking forward to these duets.

Any genre of erotic romance is considered, though we would prefer to see at least one thing connecting the stories (two M/M stories, two historicals, paranormals, etc.). You can submit two different stories, maybe a he-said/she-said piece, or a work in two-parts. The standard squicks apply: no incest, minors, bodily waste, etc.

Please check our guidelines before you submit, use Phaze Binary in the subject line of your mail, and good luck! I plan to contribute to a set of stars myself. Details to follow.

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