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Saturday, December 05, 2009

All I Want for Christmas...and Every Day After

As my priorities shift to acquisitions and marketing for Phaze Books, I am given the opportunity to glean from readers their Christmas and beyond wish lists. Often I receive mail from readers what to expect with regards to a specific author or genre, and from this and our sales I craft calls for submission.

More than once I've been asked what Phaze wants. Essentially, we accept all subgenres of erotic romance, and we wish to publish a variety of stories. If I had to craft my own wish list, I would ask for this:

Ideal word length: 25K - 60K. This is a good length range for eBooks. If you write between 40K and 60K you are print eligible, but if you write a series of 20-25K novellas we can look into a bound anthology, too. Pricewise, books at this length go for $3 to $6, and as I tell authors, the longer you write, the better the payout.

M/M Romance and Erotica - The G in GLBT remains a strong genre for us, and it's my wish to acquire more stories that emphasize the romance in this subgenre. I've had readers inform me that they have seen our titles in certain gay bookstores around the US, and I'm happy for the exposure. As most of the authors I edit write M/M, I am always open to reading more.

Interracial Romance and Erotica - I/R, particularly with an African-American heroine, is a popular genre for us. I am definitely interested in growing this type of work. Category length and novel length (45K and up) is especially in demand among readers, and while the majority of our I/R is contemporary I'd like to mix it up with some paranormal and fantasy, shifters, and BDSM.

F/F Romance and Erotica in Novel Length - Every time we set up for a Pride event, readers ask for lesbian romance. We've enjoyed critical success with our Sapphistocated anthology, and are planning to bring Lisabet Sarai's Exposure to print for our next events, but I would like to published one or two more exclusively F/F novels in the coming year, HEA ending.

Steampunk - The submissions for my anth call are slowly steady, probably because I haven't set a hard deadline. I may need to do that to light a fire, but in the meantime I'd love to have more steampunk, het or GLBT, for the coming year.

Please note, we do accept works of 10K, and works of 5-9K if submitting for our Binaries line. Our submissions page details everything we will and will not accept.

Right now, Phaze Books is scheduled through next spring, so if you have something for next summer, we are always open. Original works for new authors to our house, please, and feel free to contact klively (at) phaze (dot) com with questions.

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