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Friday, February 12, 2010

Phaze Books congratulates our CataNetwork Reviewers' Choice Award Winners!

Phaze Books congratulates our authors Zena Wynn and Jennifer Mueller! Zena's paranormal romance novel Tameka's Smile and Jennifer Mueller's romance novel History Lessons won CataNetwork's 2009 Sensual Reads Reviewers' Choice Award!

A True Mates novel.

Deputy Chadleigh Wilson, former lone wolf and new to the Raven pack, was raised among humans in foster care. He doesn't know anything about true mates, but one smile from Tameka Jones and he knows he has to have her. He'll do anything to claim her. Once she's his, he'll do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

Tameka Jones is baffled by her response to the handsome deputy. She came to Refuge to simplify her life. Instead, she finds herself surrounded by people who think they're werewolves, of all things, and now her dead grandmother is talking to her.

But Chad's not the only person interested in Tameka. Someone wants her land and is willing to do anything -- even kill -- to get it.

Ayda Rogers can't believe her luck, she's been invited to a Scottish castle for the summer to research her Doctoral thesis. When she gets there she finds with 800 years of history to contend with, the past is always present. Steamy tales of previous castle owners meld within the modern story as she learns all she needs for her paper. And sometimes its not the past but the present which makes you change your whole way of thinking, especially when it comes in the form of the future Duke named Hunter.

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