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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Phaze Books Offers its First Foreign Language Release!

Since 2004, Phaze Books - the erotic romance imprint of Mundania Press, LLC - has offered hundred of quality erotic romance and erotica titles by the most talented authors in the industry. We are proud to have introduced readers to a new generation of writers who have become masters of their respective sub-genres - M/M romance, interracial romance, and paranormal. It is only fitting, considering our company's roots in science fiction and fantasy publishing, that we have decided to launch the Phaze Foreign imprint in a universal language that is, quite literally, out of this world.

Phaze Books is proud to announce the release of our first foreign language translation. Now, readers have the option of purchasing one of our flagship novels, Leigh Ellwood's Truth or Dare, in the new Klingon version. Our relationship with the foreign rights agency of Y'liveL, A'loreM, and AeL afforded us access to translation services in a multitude of Federation languages.

Presently, readers have two options for the Klingon version of Truth and Dare: the traditional Klingon symbols (tlhIngan pIqaD) or the more accepted Latin/Klingon translation.

In addition to the near future Klingon editions of Bridget Midway's Fascination Street, Piers Anthony's Relationships series, and the six Phaze Fantasies volumes, look for Phaze Books to add editions of select titles in Vulcan, Cardassian, and Esperanto.

Honestly, if you've read this far, we congratulate you and hope you have enjoyed our April Fool's Day merriment. For your reward, we are offering a wild April Fool's sale using the code FOOL2010, which is good all day. While the code will discount your total order today, how much is a secret...and it will change from time to time throughout the day. It could be 10%, it could be half off your bill. We don't really even know how we're going to work it out, but if you follow Leigh Ellwood on Twitter on April 1 at @LeighEllwood, she'll be dropping hints. Good luck and, as they say in Klingon, QaQ.

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