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Monday, May 31, 2010

Crossroads: Shadowland, FOUR STARS!

CROSSROADS: Shadowland, Keta Diablo
Four Stars!

Another great addition to the Crossroads series. Keta tends to dish it out on a platter, serving it up to give you just a taste with an unexpected twist and leaves you dangling with want for the main course and you haven't even hit on the dessert yet. In this one Frank heads back to New Orleans with Rand to crack the case of two boys gone missing at a local cemetery, only to discover there's more to this that meets the naked eye. The whole ghost story is freakish, keeps you captivated with the added touch of a nun into the mix and keeps your reading mojo going throughout the story. But as it goes with Frank and Rand and it always does, what will transpire in this book will get your temperature soaring to unhealthy levels and I'm not just talking about the steaming sex scenes. 

This is all you’re getting on the book outta me. You'll just have to go read it yourself. :snickering: Now...I think I need to go bang down Keta's door for the next installment of Crossroads before I chew my bottom lip off!

S. Octavian, GOODREADS Reader

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