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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Seriously Reviewed Loves Crossroads: Shadowland

Story: 8, Presentation: 9 TOTAL 17 (out of 20 points)
Publisher: Phaze, Contemporary M/M paranormal erotic romantic suspense

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Blurb: Frank must travel to Louisiana to solve another missing persons' case. This time, Rand insists on accompanying Frank to get a hands-on introduction to the PI business.

Evil forces are at work in the bayou. Frank is pitted against a centuries' old ghost and races against time to save two innocent young men from eternal damnation. Rand gets caught in vortex of prejudice when he encounters a sinister duo bent on violence against gays.

Wicked machinations converge in a maelstrom of retribution and hate. Frank must pull out all the stops to save the young men and the man who holds his heart.

Review: Crossroads: Shadowland is on par with the other stories in the Crossroads series. However, this one went a lot deeper into the “believable” paranormal, if you believe in the ghosts stories, psychic connections and the power of the metaphysical world. Two boys go missing in a cemetery and Frank is once again pulled into the fray. The plot is so engrossing, I forgot I was reading and simply existed within the pages, watching the suspenseful thriller unravel. Keta made me believe for the moments I was with Frank. I don’t want to spoil the ending, but once again Diablo makes the risks high and the conclusion isn’t predictable.

Keta Diablo writes gritty, emotional characters. Frank and Rand aren’t on a sweet journey into love but one that leaves you a bit breathless and a bit abused. The sex is titillating and powerful. Their connection is palpable. I love how in each story, Keta has upped the stakes for these two memorable men. I would recommend reading the books in order because their relationship is layered, becoming more intense and more poignant with each installment of the Crossroads series. 
Seriously Reviewed,
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