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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Still time to vote!

Things are so much closer in this round and I can't believe I've still asking for votes when I've got over 400 already. Thank you all for your kind support.

Please pop over to ARE and vote for whichever story you feel is best in the pairing.

Yvette Hines is a great author too, make sure you enjoy her great short read. We're so lucky to have 3 phaze authors in the last 4! I do beleive she is giving away a free read to, so be sure to let her know when you've voted. Let me know too and you can have my free reads, it's good to give, right?

Then when you've voted email me victoria @ victoriablisse. co. uk (no spaces) and I'll send you 2 free reads for your efforts (new ones for this round!) and as I have already broken the 300 mark in votes again I will be giving away a copy of Night of The Senses signed by me once the voting is over. Check out on Saturday for the winner announcement!

I only got this far with the help of your votes, thank you all again so very much. I really do appreciate it and giving you all some free reads is the very least I can do. You Rock!

Don't forget, Selena Kitt's story, The Fortune Teller needs votes too! In fact if you let her know you've voted using this form then you can have a copy of her Taboo or Mythology collection if she wins her pairing!

And come Thanksgiving you will be able to get THREE anthologies filled with all 32 Just one Bite Stories. First Time Fang Bang will be in volume two -isn't it a pretty colour, I love it!

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