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Friday, June 13, 2014

New Release: King of Hearts by Wendy Stone

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Caitlyn Summers was a loner long before she started working for Hart Investigations. Since taking a position in the company, she's become more than just a regular investigator: now she heads up King of Hearts. That part of the company is hush hush and is only known by word of mouth from those who had used it to those who might find need of their specific talents.

Cat ruled the roost at King of Hearts. She brought in her own people, three women who could kick ass and take names and then she trained them into a crew that could do almost anything. Never had she thought her boss, Joseph Hart, would bring anyone new into the team. That he had was bad enough but that he brought in Erich Radner, a man who'd broken Cat's heart, was even worse.

Would she be able to see the truth or would false conclusions wreck their chance at something that would make Erich her King of Hearts?

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