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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cold Nights, Hot Reads Blog Hop

Welcome to our corner of the blog hop! We are thrilled to share some hot romances to help you get over this winter that won't go away. What's your pleasure: contemporary, historical, kink, or manlove? We have a bit of everything and hope you'll try our authors.

All of these titles are 30% off at All Romance eBooks for the duration of this hop. It's a great chance to save on some great erotic romances:

Southern Comfort by Nikki London -  Kristen Meadows has faithfully served political strategist Jason Rosenberg for over four years. As his personal assistant, her duties range anywhere from coffee and doughnut runs to arranging meetings on Capitol Hill. She has been everything from his last-minute date to his drinking buddy, and while they make an effort to keep no secrets, there is one thing Kris knows she can never share with Jay. The fact that she's in love with him.

Fluid Motion by Darien Cox - Darcy James' life blew up in her face after her husband disappeared with her newly acquired inheritance. All she has left in the world is the White Birch Inn, formerly run by her grandmother, so she takes over operations in the mountain ski village. Still damaged from her husband's betrayal, she has trouble connecting with men. But while her emotions are damaged, her libido is not, and she begins spying on a gorgeous tenant who's moved into one of her suites at the inn.

Geisha For Hire by Shawn Bailey - Jayce Ito thought there was nothing he wouldn’t do for his childhood best friend, Marley Bonds, until she asked him to help her out posing as a geisha for a client’s birthday party. He’d done a lot of foolish things for Marley, but this just bordered on insanity--especially when the recipient of the gift turned out to be none other than his new boss, Reuben Danza.

Jaleesa's Pleasure by Erosa Knowles -  Niko and Jaleesa fight through her family issues and wade the treacherous waters of his job. The company he is a partner in has been trying to purchase a particular piece of land from Jaleesa, and someone is stealing from Niko's project to the point they are willing to kill him to keep it a secret.

The Sacred King by Laura Gill - As the Achaean Greeks consolidate their hold on Minoan Crete, the former priestess Ariadne and her husband, the Achaean prince Taranos, struggle with both personal tragedy and political difficulties. Centuries of Cretan tradition are overturned as a vicious Achaean mercenary becomes Sacred King and takes the new High Priestess as his concubine.

Honorbound by Barbara Donlon Bradley -  Nurtoru has inadvertently gotten her into this mess. Now he has to get her out. He has done dozens of these rescues, normally in and out quickly, but not this time. Kese sees the stranger who came to save her and knows this is an opportunity to get all her friends rescued. They deserved their freedom too.

May the Best Man Win by Brenna Lyons - When Bainbridge Carter meets up with David Evans, his ex-best friend, to get the prototype of a weapon that will allow them to level the playing field, he gets two surprises. The first is that David has gotten himself shot in one of his patented impatient and intemperate moments. The second is that David is playing a very deadly game. As he lays dying, David reveals he has hidden the microchips necessary to control the rifle with Aurora, his wife, the woman both men have been in love with for the last 16 years, a woman trapped behind enemy lines with her daughter. It is up to Bain and the Free Nationalists to find the chips ... and the woman that has them.

The Detective's Lover by Aliyah Burke - Fallon Maddox is reunited with her family the day they bury her father. She has no idea that coming home will be the beginning of an adventure she may not survive and even if she does, her life will never be the same. Ian Cavanaugh is a homicide detective who is wrapped up in a case that may not be as simple as it first appears. The deceased is the father of a group of foster children who had made quite a reputation for themselves when he was growing up. He knew it was in his best interest to get the case solved ... and fast.

Stay warm! Good luck in this week's giveaways, too.

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ShirleyAnn said...

One of my favourite reads is "Tangled Web" by Jade
Falconer, I love the intrigue and the sexual tension in the story.


Jean MP said...

Off to check out these books. These all sound so good.
skpetal at hotmail dot com

Susan Clement said...

Need to look up some of these titles. Thanks! Always looking for more to read!

Rebecca Ray said...

I like paranormal, ya, erotica, historical, suspense, thriller, menage, manlove, I love it all, except pirates.

bn100 said...


bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Kathy Heare Watts said...

Lots of great books listed. Thank you for being part of the blog hop. Kathy Watts

Jbst said...

I like different genres and depends on my mood. Good selection of titles here.

Sebella Blue said...

Woah, it would be hard to pick just one of these awesome sounding books. I might need to take out a loan.

blueshedevil32 (at) gmail (dot) com

Phaze Books said...

Thanks for all the great comments! We hope you enjoy whatever you choose to read.

Belinda G said...

I love reading romantic suspense, erotic romance, paranormal-shifters and some sci-fi. A good story line with well developed characters whom you can care about and of course the HEA is a must. After all it is a romance. Thanks for the opportunity to share. :-)

Belinda G
belgre at centurylink dot net