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Monday, March 02, 2015

Monday Menagerie: Rock Stars, Wolves, and the Quiet Ones

Welcome to March! They say the month comes in like a lion...more like a snow lion depending on where you live. Monday's a great time to add some love to your digital reader, and we picked three stories from our catalog we think you will enjoy.

Sex Type Thing by Jade Falconer (M/M)

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It doesn't look good for one of rock's most famous faces to cause a wreck, especially if he's been drinking. Yet Ian Jeffries does just that, right into another man's car. Musician Tony Simpson isn't amused by the damage, despite being taken by tabloid magnet Ian.

Ian's willing to do anything to keep away more bad publicity. Luckily, Tony's willing to see the good in the rock scene's latest bad boy.

To Tame a Wolf by Wendy Stone (M/F)

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Rose hadn't had the easiest of beginnings in this world. Her father had been killed, her mother taken by their conqueror. But when the Black Hawke decided he wanted to marry her mother and raise her as his daughter, Rose's mother hadn't been able to refuse.

But now Rose had reached her eighteenth season and a marriage contract had been made, a man chosen. Rose's excitement waned though, when her bridegroom seemed almost disinterested, caring little of her welfare or her comfort.

A stranger watched her, a handsome knightly man with fair hair and eyes that seemed to know what she looked like without her chemise. Would Rose be able to resist this man, to stay faithful to her bridegroom who showed such little concern for her? Would she be able to go back to Geoffrey and do what her father asked or would taming a Wolf be more to her liking? Would she be torn apart by this battle between her Wulf and the bridegroom chosen by her father or will she find the happily ever after she so desperately wants?

Strong, Silent Type by Gregory L. Norris (M/F)

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Aspiring writer Tabitha Lawford and her emerald-eyed muse have a falling out, right when she thinks their relationship couldn't be better or more passionate. All attempts to woo him back fail and, as a last resort, Tabi signs them both up for a weekend of couple's therapy -- at a writer's retreat held at a remote mountain lodge.

Determined they'll either end their relationship completely or she'll get him to loosen his tight lips and stop the silent treatment, Tabi adds a bit of playful experimentation to spice up their stalled love life: writing on an antique Underwood typewriter instead of her laptop. Tabi has given up the ghost -- but can she win him back?


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